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SolTex has manufacturing rights for SOL-LEDô LED Lighting. SOL-LEDô offers a comprehensive range of high lumen output, aesthetically designed fittings and replacementlamps (5 years replacement warranty for fittings and 3 years warranty for bulbs sold separately); and, all have a life expectancy of >50,000 hours.

LED Lighting saves energy as it is much more efficient. Less lumens are required to maintain the required LUX levels.

Safety and Environmental Benefits
Reduced Carbon FootPrint - lower energy consumption, many less changes

Non-toxic materials

Long-Life >50,000hrs

No Flicker, No Delay - LEDs come on immediately
Life Cycle Costs are lower for LEDs saving money. Take a typical 50W halogen lamp used for 10 hours a day. It costs ~£12 per year in electricity versus ~£1.20 per year for it's LED equivalent. Over expected life at to-days energy costs savings that would be a savings of >£150.

SOL-LEDô LED Lighing offers both replacement bulbs and new fittings for most applications:

Replacement LED bulbs - GU10, MR-16, Globe, Candle, T5, T8, R12, PAR, AR111 as well as replacements for HP SON and Metal Halides

Aestetically designed LED Panel Lights to replace those dated functional tube lights while saving energy

LED Flood Lighting, LED Spot-Lights, LED HighBays, LED Wall Lights, LED Tunnel Lights for indoor and outdoors

LED Street Lighting, LED Canopy Lighting for Garages and Filling Stations

Fun Lights are now affordable - LED Strip lighting for indoor and outdoor use